First Visit

Visitors are always welcome at Fountain Inn Presbyterian Church. Join us at 9:30 for Sunday School followed by coffee and donuts at 10:30. Worship starts at 11:00.

About Our Worship Service

Our worship service is traditional in structure, while  remaining open to the work of the Holy Spirit. We gather together in God’s name, lifting our praises to God together. We confess the ways in which we have fallen short of who God intends for us to be, meet Jesus Christ as revealed to us in Scripture, offer ourselves and our gifts to God in service, and depart equipped to serve Christ in the world. Through song, prayer, affirmations, and Scripture, we are sustained through the presence of Christ and joined closer to God through the Holy Spirit.

Directions & Parking

Fountain Inn Presbyterian Church is located at 307 North Main Street, Fountain Inn, SC, 29644. It is on the south side of Main Street between the Fountain Inn Library and CVS Pharmacy. The Fountain Inn Police Station and City Hall are across Main Street and slightly east of the church. Use the link in the footer to navigate to our location via Google Maps. FIPC has ample parking with several spots around the main entry off of Main Street. A large overflow parking lot is directly across Main Street from the church, and many additional parking spaces are located behind the sanctuary building surrounding the Christian Fellowship Center (our gym building). The parking behind the building can be accessed from a narrow alley to the left of the sanctuary door or from Railroad Street, which is the road connecting Fairview Street and Craig Street that runs behind the back of the church property by the train tracks.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes start at 9:30 AM each week. Infants and toddlers under 3 have Sunday School and Worship time in the same rooms at the rear of the sanctuary building. The senior adult class also meets in a classroom in the sanctuary building. Children ages 4 through high school have classes, divided into separate age groups, upstairs in the rooms above the Fellowship Hall (where coffee and donuts are located). Adult class meets in the room at the back of the Fellowship Hall behind the kitchen. All Sunday School classes dismiss at 10:30 AM, and worship begins at 11:00 AM.


The music at Fountain Inn Presbyterian Church is anchored by the organ each Sunday, and hymns are sung together from the PCUSA Glory to God hymnal. Special guest musicians offer occasional accompaniment with flute, harp, or piano music. The adult choir leads the singing in worship year round, and the handbell choir adds special musical selections around the holidays.


Childcare is available during worship in the nursery for children ages infant through 4. Four-year-olds (who would like to) through first graders are invited to sit with their parents for the first part of worship in the sanctuary and then attend children’s church next to the nursery during the sermon. They return to sit with their parents at the end of worship.The nursery and children’s church rooms are located beside each other in the sanctuary building and are just a few short steps from the sanctuary itself. We strive to have two adults and one youth attending the nursery each week and will gather more helpers as needed for busier Sundays. The nursery attendants will gather some information about your child before you go to worship and make sure they know any specific instructions you may have regarding snacks, potty training, and other important details.If you still have questions, give us a call at (864) 862-3341. We are happy to assist you!